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Installeer de Juiste Drivers (USB)

March 03, 2016 0 Opmerkingen

For both the Mac (OSX) and PC (Windows), you will need to install the correct drivers for the USB port. Otherwise you will not be able to see the connected Robot/Arduino module.

How to install the driver after downloading them first, you can read on this page: Click on Download ZIP to get the file. THIS IS NOT THE PROCEDURE FOR OSX SIERRA !! Look for the right setup on OSX Sierra in the Blog Posts and on the site.

Important to understand is that Mac OSX will not show the drivers due to a security setting of your Mac. You will have to take an extra action. But first install the drivers by clicking on Arduino.Driver.pkg and follow the instructions.

To get the drivers to work in El Capitan you need to use the new tool csrutil as follows:

  • Reboot and press CMD+R immediately after hearing the startup sound to boot to Recovery Mode
  • Open Terminal
  • Execute the following command: csrutil enable --without kext (full bold text command needed !!)
  • Reboot After rebooting you should see your serial ports again in the Arduino IDE or mBlock so you can program your Me Orion (or any other Arduino compatible device using CH340/CH341) again.

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