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Starter Kit - Robot werkt niet meer na het laden van het eerste programma - Kan de IR functie niet herstellen

March 03, 2016 0 Opmerkingen

Many questions float around the internet about the Starter Robot Kit, specially the IR version. Once you have used IDE or mBlock to program the Robot, you have lost the remote control functionality. And you are no longer able to use the robot as you have used it out of the box.

This is easy solvable !!

Make sure you have installed the latest Makeblock Library, and follow the given directions. Read further to know how to...

1) This is the right library: click on Download zip. (look carefully at your screen and you will find it !)

2) Put the library in the right location on your Mac or PC:

or follow these instructions:

Easiest is to use mBlock and select the Arduino IDE, Edit > Arduino Mode.

3) Now you can use the IDE, and go via file > examples > MakeBlockDrive > example > Firmware_for_Starter> and select the option you want to reinstall. The first version is the original one, and after you have compiled it and uploaded it to the ORION (Arduino Uno) board everything is working again like out of the box.


You can use mBlock to upgrade the firmware as well, which you need to do anyhow to be able to use mBlock with ORION or another Makeblock board.

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