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Makeblock Lineaire Bewegingsgeleider Module Pakket


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Categorie: 3d printer, onderdeel, as, slider


Makeblock Linear Motion Guide Module Pack is a ball linear guide which can be assembled as a linear motion guide robot. The pack can be assembled as a liner motion guide with electronic or without electronic.
It is to support and guide the moving parts, meanwhile transform circular motion to linear motion, such as 3D printer, CNC machine. Pls refer to below image of 3D printer with 4 Linear Motion Guide Modules


• Strong aluminum extrusion parts with anodized surface
• Easy-use stepper motor driver
• Stationary motion
• High accuracy with small friction and low noise


• Frame: Anodized aluminum
• Physical Dimensions (L×W×H): 504mm × 65mm×75mm
• G.W.: 1.6kg
• MEAS: 520×100×100mm

Part List:


Please download the user guide package from Linear Motion Guide Module Pack - Quick Start Guide.

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